Woohoo! I am finally ready to release my very first post with a photoshoot! The thing is, the images I take are very personal to me and when it comes my photography- I tend to overshoot, overshare to my clients and under share to the general public. The amount of images I’ll post to Instagram […]

So maybe I DIDN’T go to Iceland for a day… but it sure did feel like it. Today is a travel day!! I am flying to Boston, and then taking a bus to Portland, Maine. Since I will be traveling for most of the day, I thought I’d share something special with you. A piece […]

If you know one thing about me, then it’s probably that I love coffee. If you know TWO things about me, then it’s that I love coffee AND travel. I truly enjoy meeting new people, seeing new places, visiting new coffee shops and collecting mugs from different states. One of the perks of my job […]

I want to start by introducing you to a man I met at a coffee shop in downtown Erie last year. This wasn’t some extraordinary human. Charles didn’t stand out from the rest of the crowd but my short encounter with him changed the way I look at life. Along with what I learned from […]